Games We Made

Battle Sausage
Battle Sausage
Rougelike, Tower Defense, CCG
Lead the sausage army to defeat the ape girl monsters. A rougelike tower defense game with collectible card game mechanics.
Beard Power
Beard Power
Cut, shave, and make the most unique beard style for the dorable beard town citizens!

Experiments for Fun

Where's My Emoji
Where's My Emoji?
Casual, Experimental
A fast paced hidden objects puzzle to challenge your emoji skill.
Yo' Bad
Yo' Bad
Board, Experimental
A board game inspired by Breaking Bad and The Game of Life The goal is to make $1 million a month to survive in the crime city.
Yo' Bad
Meat Dragon 30s
Casual, Party
Meat Dragon 30s" is a two player party game to feed your dragon as much meat as possible in 30 seconds. An off-theme submission for #LD30 .

Sticker Packs

Make the classical big yellow smiley faces fashion again.
Bring home your bacon! Always my favourite food.
Naughty PooPoo Everyday.
Shake zoo
ShakeZoo Holiday
Can't stop dancing with shake zoo animals! Shake shake shake zoo...
Shake zoo holiday
ShakeZoo Holiday
ShakeZoo animals are hosting the craziest holiday party ever.


Artist Mandy Lu
Mandy Lu / 鲁迪
Illustrator, Character Designer, Awarded Sticker Artist
Mandy connects the beauty of art to your heart. She wins the top 10 artist of LINE & GIPHY GIF CONTEST 2014.
Artist Favo Yang
Favo Yang / 杨仲伟
Developer, Game Designer, Product Designer
Favo helps out with idea and code.